Latimer Square to host quake memorial

01:59, Dec 24 2012

Latimer Square will be the main public venue for next year's second earthquake anniversary commemorations.

Hagley Park hosted the main memorial services just weeks after the February 2011 disaster and the 2012 remembrance event.

Christchurch City Council said today Latimer Square was selected due to its significance as the temporary home of many emergency services immediately after the earthquake.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said family members of those who were killed, seriously injured survivors, members of the emergency services and the wider community could gather and ''remember what we did for one another on that day''.

The service will be timed to coincide with the time of the earthquake which was at 12.51pm.

Parker was pleased the commemorative service would focus on the community. 

"While we experienced tremendous loss on February 22 and many in our community live daily with the effects of that day, we need to take the opportunity to remember the tremendous bravery and support we gave each other on that day," he said.

More details will be released once they were finalised.


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