Cathedral Square to partly reopen

03:51, Dec 21 2012
square reopen
SMALL REOPENING: Russell Hatcher with his daughter Sofia at Cathedral Square this afternoon.

Cathedral Square will be partly reopened this afternoon to give the public a chance to see the dramatic changes that have taken place in the heart of the city.

The red-zone cordon at the intersection of Gloucester and Colombo streets is being reconfigured so that people can walk into the Square as far as the police kiosk, where they will be able to get a closer look at Christ Church Cathedral and what is left of the surrounding buildings.

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority chief executive Roger Sutton said the experience of seeing the extensive damage to the cathedral and the loss of buildings around the Square might be difficult for some, but it was important to give people the opportunity.

''I hope people will go along in their holidays and see the Square as it is today, and then look forward to the exciting new space it will become at the heart of a dynamic new central city, which we will begin to see unfold in the new year,'' he said.

''Along with the recent reopening of Victoria Square, this gives residents and visitors alike the chance to experience some of our most treasured places.''

The new walkway and viewing area in the Square will remain open until January 6.

Weeks of planning have gone into the temporary cordon change, which is made possible because of the reduction in work volumes around the Square over the holiday period.

The Worcester St bridge has also been partly reopened, providing an additional access point to the Punting on the Avon attraction. 


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