Passing campervan forces car off road

23:35, Dec 21 2012
CLIPPED: The car that was forced off the road near Maruia today.

A 25-year-old woman is in hospital after the car she was driving was clipped and forced off the road by a campervan that crossed the centre line while overtaking a car towing a caravan. 

Emergency services attended the scene of the crash just south of Maruia and east of Reefton, at 10am today. 

It is believed a campervan that had been overtaking a vehicle towing a caravan recrossed the centre line having lost control while completing the manoeuvre. The campervan clipped a car coming in the opposite direction, which resulted in the car being spun off the road and into a bank at speed. 

The driver of the car, a 25-year old female farm worker from Springs Junction, was flown to Nelson Hospital by helicopter. She sustained moderate injuries in the crash. 

It is understood the occupants of the two towing vehicles escaped without injury.


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