Lotto brings Christmas cheer to Cantabs

00:15, Dec 23 2012
Lotto winner Janice
SHOCK: Janice about to spin the Lotto Winning Wheel.

Two Canterbury tickets struck it lucky in last night's Lotto draw, with one taking out $500,000 and the other earning a chance to spin the winning wheel. 

The first division ticket, worth $500,000, was sold at the Gift and Lotto Shop in Rangiora. 

The winning wheel ticket was bought by a MyLotto player from Christchurch. The serial number is 667-65163019-20xx.

Last night's draw took a dramatic turn when the winning wheel winner fell to the floor during the live draw.  

Janice, a retired widow who did not want her last name used, of Whangarei, fell backwards after the Winning Wheel stopped just shy of the $1 million spot.

It skipped over to land on $200,000. The subsequent celebratory glitter cannon added to her shock, causing her to trip backwards.


Cameras quickly cut away as staff rushed to her aid.

"It was very close to the $1 million mark so it was high drama," NZ Lotteries spokeswoman Karen Jones said.

"The glitter cannon startled her and she went backwards and tripped over the edge of the set. It took time for her to get up again.

"A first aid crew tended to her on site and she's laughing about it now.

"She said well I definitely went out with a bang."

NZ Lotteries said this morning the glitter cannon had been suspended. 

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