Jetstar bags bumped for Antarctica

Bags bumped off a delayed Jetstar flight to Christchurch made way for equipment required for a trip to Antarctica, the airline says. 

Sixty Jetstar passengers who touched down after a delayed flight to Christchurch faced a further 24-hour luggage delay after their bags were taken off the plane in Sydney. 

The passengers were informed their bags would be delayed after they had disembarked and were waiting at the baggage claim area in Christchurch Airport on Saturday morning.

A Jetstar spokeswoman said today the request was made by some individual military personnel, not the Australian Defence Force as was reported earlier.

She did not know where the men requesting the equipment were from.

Only bags required in Antarctica were taken on the flight, she said. 

The other bags had to be taken off the flight to ensure the plane met weight requirements. 

She said all the bags bumped off the flight were returned to the passengers within 24 hours.

The Press