Men welcome Christmas in the cells

01:23, Dec 25 2012

Waking up in the police cells is the last place you want to be on Christmas Day, but that is the reality for 12 men at the Christchurch central police station today.

Sergeant Chris Barker said the men, aged 20 to 40, had been locked up on Christmas Eve for a variety of reasons, including warrants to arrest and breaching bail.

They were unlikely to get out today.

They would be staying put until they appeared in court tomorrow.

"It doesn't matter what day of the year it is, if you're offending you will be arrested. Expect to have a visit to our station," Barker said.

He said the prisoner were given Ricies for breakfast with milk and yoghurt, and sandwiches and fruit for lunch.

No arrests had been made this morning, but that was expected to change as people drank into the afternoon.


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