Unwanted gifts include DIY drugs

20:28, Dec 26 2012

A floral nightie, golf club covers and a grow-your-own-drugs book are among Canterbury's unwanted Christmas gifts.

Other unwanted presents in Canterbury included a 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, a laptop and white-gold earrings with Swarovski crystals.

More than 20,000 unwanted gifts have been listed on Trade Me since lunchtime on Christmas Day, and about 6 per cent of them were from Canterbury sellers. More than half were from Auckland sellers.

The online marketplace provided people with an opportunity to recycle a gift and make some money at the same time, Trade Me spokesman Paul Ford said.

"Most of us will have received at least one gift that made us groan inwardly, but if you can't exchange it, then selling it to someone who genuinely wants it is often a better option than hiding it in the back of the wardrobe, sending it off to the dump or awkwardly passing it on at Christmas next year," he said.

"Regular offenders" were lingerie items, kitchen appliances, books and ties, he said.


A British poll showed the least popular Christmas gifts this year were the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, Olympic and weight-loss DVDs, and Onesie jumpsuits. Ford said they could also be contenders for the most unpopular gifts in New Zealand.

He suggested sellers should put "unwanted gift" somewhere in their listing as it was one of the top searches on the site last December.

Only new items with packaging intact should be sold, and handmade items, particularly ones with names on them, should never be sold, he said.

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