Quad bike rider injured on Xmas day

01:51, Dec 27 2012

A 20-year-old farm worker suffered head and leg injuries on Christmas Day when the quad bike she was riding rolled.

A Westpac Rescue Helicopter spokesman said they were called to the Caithness Rd property, in Rotherham, North Canterbury about 2.30pm.

He said the woman had been trying to round up dairy cows for milking when the quad bike "rolled right over her".

She was taken to Christchurch Hospital with "moderate" injuries to her arms and head.

"The worst thing was a open wound to her head," he said.

It was lucky her injuries were not worse, the spokesman said.


"The ones we go to [quad bike accidents] there's either nothing wrong with you or you're seriously injured. There's sort of no in between."

He understood she was found by another worker who raised the alarm. 

The terrain where the quad bike rolled was flat, he said.

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