Bain 'should be compensated' - survey

22:33, Dec 27 2012
David Bain
David Bain

A newspaper survey has found most New Zealanders support paying compensation to David Bain.

A New Zealand Herald-commissioned DigiPoll summer survey of 500 people shows that 74 per cent believe Bain should be compensated if a judge who reviewed his case recommended that.

The poll began on December 7 before Justice Ian Binnie's report was made public.

Only 20 per cent felt Bain should not get compensation under any circumstances.

Justice Minister Judith Collins told the paper she expected any decision would upset voters.

"There is a lot of feeling either way on this. We have to look past all that and come to the right decision,'' she said.


''Whatever decision is made, we can expect a significant chunk of the population will not be happy."

Collins dismissed the poll for asking an invalid question. She said Justice Binnie was asked not to make a recommendation on compensation.

She said there was a strong desire to have the issue dealt with next year, and she planned to brief the Cabinet on options on January 23.

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