Police allege drug dealing on home D

22:53, Dec 27 2012

A 24-year-old man will deny growing and dealing in cannabis at the Christchurch property where he was serving a home detention sentence.

The police said they had strong evidence of the offending and opposed bail when the unemployed man appeared before Judge Raoul Neave in the Christchurch District Court today.

However, they had not prepared a detailed, written bail opposition before the hearing.

Judge Neave said: "I expect a reasonable level of information to be provided to me before I deprive someone of their liberty."

The man was sentenced to home detention in July on charges of burglary and attempting to pervert the course of justice by texting threats to a witness. That sentence, which is being served at a Redwood house, is due to finish in March.

The man does not have suppression of name but it cannot be reported because of the discussion about his criminal record at his bail hearing today.


Defence counsel Andrew Bailey said the man would deny the new charges, which allege he grew two small cannabis plants at the home detention property and that he sold cannabis from the house.

He said there were already tight restrictions in place through the home detention sentence.

Police said they searched the property after an allegation that people had been buying cannabis at the house.

Two small plants were found, as well as $235 in cash, tinfoil, scales and cannabis utensils.

A cellphone was seized and contained texts indicating drug dealing, and goods from two burglaries were found. Inquiries about the burglaries are continuing.

Bailey said the police had stopped a car that left the address, and when they found cannabis in the car they assumed it came from the property. There was little to support the cannabis-dealing charge.

The judge said there was a question mark over details of the alleged offending, and he granted bail for the man to appear on January 18.

He told the man he would have to consent to police searches without notice at his property while he was there on bail.

He warned that if clearer evidence emerged about the offending during the police investigation, the man's bail might be reconsidered.

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