Charity shop used as dumping ground

01:16, Dec 28 2012
Salvation Army shop manager June Lang
RUBBISH DUMPED: Salvation Army shop manager June Lang outside the Burt St premises.

A mountain of unwanted and broken goods have been dumped outside Rangiora's Salvation Army Family Store over Christmas.

Resident Sandra Harwood said the pavement outside the store was "turning into a dump". 

"It's unfair on staff who work there," she said.

Rangiora Salvation Army store
UNWANTED: Goods are piling up outside the Rangiora Salvation Army store.

Typically, she saw a small collection outside the store at weekends, but the Christmas break had seen the small pile turn into a mountainous eyesore.

"It's not the Salvation Army's problem. The people of Rangiora are responsible," she said.

Rangiora Salvation Army officer Sharryn McAuliffe said the problem had been escalating over the past few months with people taking "rubbish" to the shop outside business hours and dumpng it on the street.


"It's probably because they're not wanting to take it to the dump. They know it's rubbish. It's broken furniture and old mattresses,'' she said.

"We have signs saying we don't take TVs and people have been dumping a lot of TVs.

"We have so much stuff blocking the way we can't even get into the garage. They think it's a cheap way of getting rid of it. It's not cheap for us.

"The more we have to spend on dumping it, the less food parcels we'll be able to give out and the less we can do for the community."

She believed a few perpetrators were deliberately taking unwanted goods to the shop after hours. "There are some people who genuinely want to donate."

Salvation Army spokeswoman Christina Tyson said there were similar challenges for stores around the country.

"We are still very grateful for the good-quality donations, and we just ask people to follow the advice posted on shop windows when they drop things off," she said.

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