Speedboat in blazing boat rescue

A speedboat became a fire engine when another boat at a Canterbury lake burst into flames.

A video of the boat fire at Lake Lyndon, near Porters Pass, was posted to YouTube on Friday and had been viewed more than 180,000 times by 9am today.



The person who posted the video claimed the boat's captain had tried to start it after it died in the middle of the lake.

However, the boat then caught fire and the captain "jumped ship and watched it burn slowly".

"No one could really do anything about it as it had two big tanks of gas on board until a sprint boat SAVED THE DAY," the poster said.

Wind had pushed the burning boat towards the shore before another speedboater decided to put the fire out by turning their boat sharply to splash water over the flames.

The boatie continued the method several times until the flames were extinguished.

The video comes with a note that says - Warning: Bad Kiwi language

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