Gun report sparks callout in Parklands

00:54, Jan 08 2013

Armed police burst into a Parklands house expecting somebody wielding a gun, but instead found a bemused homeowner safe and well.

A police spokesman said a member of the public called about 10.30am today to say they were concerned somebody with a gun had entered the Queenspark Dr home of a person they knew.

The armed offenders squad entered the house just after 11am, but found nothing untoward.

"The person was inside, safe and well, and there was no third party,'' the spokesman said.

Police had been posted down the street and outside the Queenspark Dr shops.

Mackenzie Immers, who works at the Parklands Amcal Pharmacy near Chadbury St, said she had seen police outside the mall.

"A customer just came in and told us a little bit about it,'' she said.

"They are outside the mall, where they've sectioned off an area.''


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