Digger, truck squash worker's hand

02:20, Jan 09 2013

Emergency services are attending a workplace accident in Lincoln where a man's hand was squashed between a digger and a truck.

St John is treating a man, believed to be in his 30s, in the reserve beside North Belt and Lyttelton St.

Constable Herb Inwood, of Lincoln, said the man was part of a crew working on the tennis and netball courts in the reserve.

He said the man had been standing in front of the digger while guiding the truck back, but it continued to roll towards him after he signalled it to stop.

The man's hand was squashed between the vehicles.

Inwood said a piece of metal from the truck went through the palm of the man's hand.

The driver of the truck drove forward to free the man's hand.

A police spokesman said the incident had been reported as a workplace accident, and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment would be notified.


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