Scrub fires fanned

16:00, Jan 11 2013

Dry, hot and windy conditions fanned more than 10 scrub fires across Canterbury yesterday.

The Cust Volunteer Fire Brigade battled two scrub fires yesterday morning, both sparked by machinery.

Crews attended a fire started at 10.30am by a tractor and then attended another scrub fire, caused by a grinder, at 11.30am.

The fires caused extensive vegetation damage but no property was damaged and no animals or people were hurt.

Three fire trucks attended a house fire in Bishopdale just before 3.30pm.

Christchurch Fire Service shift manager Brent Dunn said the house, in Mooray Ave, was badly damaged.


"It seems to have started on the deck, and then spread to the roof and into the house," he said.

Nobody was inside when the fire started, he said.

Crews also attended a fire in a grass field off Pound Rd, at the southern end of Christchurch Airport, yesterday afternoon.

The airport fire rescue crew also attended and the fire was quickly contained.

Dunn said the cause of both fires was under investigation.

An airport spokeswoman said the Pound Rd fire was not on airport land and had not caused any flight disruptions.

Dunn said crews were still on standby at the scene of the Prebbleton fire which destroyed homes and killed livestock on Thursday.

"They will be there overnight again, making sure any flare-ups are dampened down," he said.

A scrub fire destroyed 400 square metres of grassland in Belfast yesterday evening, Dunn said.

Two crews and a water tanker were sent to the fire, near Blakes Rd. It was quickly contained.

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