Google captures snapshot of city's recovery

18:29, Jan 21 2013
This image shows the foundations being laid for the EPIC IT hub on the former Para Rubber site on Manchester St.
QEII Stadium, here showing the damage to the infield, has since been demolished.
The Sydenham area, showing Byron St running left to right and Colombo Street top to bottom.
The Town Hall, with the Crowne Plaza demolition progressing at left.
The High St area showing the Manchester and Tuam St intersection, the foundations being laid for the EPIC IT hub on the former Para Rubber site, and the Mackenzie and Willis and England Brothers buildings.
The Christ Church Cathedral and Cathedral Square.
This image shows the Pacific Park area of Bexley with Wetlands Grove running left to right and the first signs of some houses being demolished.
A detail view of the old AMI Stadium, showing how the turf was lifted to re-use in the new stadium in Addington.
AMI Stadium, before the demolition of the Hadlee Stand.
This image shows the Hotel Grand Chancellor site in Cashel st almost cleared, and the Westpac building centre left.

Google Maps has updated its aerial photography of Christchurch, capturing a snapshot of the city's recovery.

The new images of Christchurch were taken in April last year but are already out of date in many cases.

The high-resolution images show many empty central-city sites and buildings that have since been demolished.

Radio Network House in Worcester St, the Westpac building in High St and the Farmers' parking building in Gloucester St have been demolished since the aerial photographs were taken.

The Re:Start mall stands out as a flash of colour in the city centre.

Temporary venues in Hagley Park and marks left on the grass from last year's World Buskers Festival are also visible.



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