More 'groper' victims come forward

23:01, Jan 21 2013

More victims of the man branded the "Port Hills groper" have come forward.

The Press reported yesterday that the man had been lunging, licking, and groping at lone women exercising on the Port Hills.

More reports of the man's behaviour emerged today.

A woman was walking on the Rapaki Track about 1pm on New Year's Eve when the man stopped to say "Happy New Year".

She said the man was confused and said they had met the day before, which they hadn't.

"Then he shook my hand. I just thought he was being friendly, but he wouldn't let go and then he kissed my cheek and grabbed my breast," she said. 

The experience was "not pleasant".


"As I was coming down the hill a little later, a girl approached me who had had the same thing happen," she said.

The pair decided to go to the police and complain "because we really wanted to make sure the situation didn't escalate".

"There are a lot of young girls who use that track," she said.  

"He could have been from anywhere - Asia, South America, Europe."

She described him as tanned, "short and stocky" and in his 50s.

Christchurch runner Jane Montgomery, 43, said she saw the man on the Huntsbury Track on Sunday morning.

"I was going for my run and he stepped in front of me,'' she said.

''He started speaking in garbled speech and I kept running past him. As I ran away, he moved back on to the side of the path as if he was going to do it again." 

Montgomery said she was not afraid of the man because she was "feisty", but was concerned at what he could do to other people.

"If I saw any other runners I was going to stop and warn them he was there. He's not a big guy, but it's very worrying because if he pulled someone off the track, no-one would be able to see them."

She said she got a good look at the man and was willing to provide a description to police. "He fitted the description perfectly." 

The man was described as being of Asian or Indian descent, between 50 and 60 years old, with a short and stocky build and black hair.

Another woman contacted The Press to say she believed she saw the man while walking in Wilsons Rd in Waltham about 9.30 this morning.

"He gave me a long look and he had a very sleazy look in his eye," she said.

She planned to report the incident to the police.

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