End to Marmite drought in sight

RETURN UNKNOWN: Christchurch's Marmite factory.
RETURN UNKNOWN: Christchurch's Marmite factory.

The end to the Marmite drought that has spanned almost a year may be in sight.

Sanitarium has announced it is getting closer to being able to put the popular spread back on the shelves.

"Our team have been very busy testing our production equipment and have been sorting out a few teething problems that are inevitable after the equipment has been out of use for so long," a post on the company's Facebook page said this afternoon.

"The good news is that there has been good progress, and after some more testing over the next two to three weeks we hope to be in a position to announce a date for the return of Marmite."

The post received over 600 likes in the first 20 minutes.

The Marmite saga started when production was suspended last March because of earthquake damage.

Sanitarium said that even when production resumed at the factory there would be "some time delay" before Marmite was available.

"We need to make stock from various yeast supplies and then blend these together to get the unique Marmite flavour that Kiwis love,'' it said.

"Once this is done we can pack it and then need to distribute Marmite around the country to the retail stores, which again takes some time."

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