Teen jailed for crime sprees

03:34, Jan 24 2013
Philip Graeme Norris
JAILED: Offending by teenager Philip Norris has had a 'serious and significant' impact on his victims.

A teenager faces 26 months in jail and $20,000 in reparation payments for his two crime sprees involving 48 offences.

Philip Graeme Norris, 18, was sentenced in the Christchurch District Court today on charges including burglaries, unlawfully taking cars and shoplifting.

The first spree started last January and led to Norris being remanded on bail.

In July, while on bail, he offended again.

He was sentenced on 17 charges of burglary, nine of being unlawfully in a yard, five of unlawfully taking cars, three of shoplifting, six of thefts from cars, wilful damage, assault, failing to meet his bail conditions, three of unlawfully getting into cars, interfering with a car, and one of receiving stolen property.

Judge John Strettell said the total value of the offending was unknown, but reparation of $38,000 was sought.

He said the January offending took part in Southland, and the July offending was in Christchurch, with some of the burglaries in Selwyn.

He said there was a significant inmpact on the victims in both the social and psychological sense.


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