Life-long love affairs begin with a book

17:43, Jan 28 2013

A Christchurch librarian is urging people to give books instead of chocolate on Valentines Day.

Zac Harding, who works at Shirley Library, wants to give as many children access to books as possible next month as part of International Book Giving Day.

"A lot of kids in Christchurch aren't members of the library. They might be coming to the library with their parents, but they are not accessing books because they don't have a card.

"There are many kids who don't have any books at home. I want to get [the books] into the hands of the kids who need them the most."

Harding, who is working with charities KidsCan and Duffy Books in Homes, said picture books were easy to find homes for.

"The younger children are just getting into books and we want to instil a life-long love of books in them."


He said he also wanted books for young adults.

Shirley Library is collecting books to put in doctors' surgeries so children could have new books to look at while waiting.

Anyone wanting to donate books can take them to KidsCan or drop them off with Harding at the Shirley Library in Marshland Rd.

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