Christchurch residents urged to save water

03:05, Feb 01 2013

Christchurch residents are being urged to ease off on watering their gardens and lawns as a string of hot days puts pressure on the city's water supply.

Christchurch City Council water and waste unit manager Mark Christison said over the past week Christchurch residents have gone through over 200,000 cubic metres of water a day - the equivalent of 90 Olympic sized swimming pools.

"We'd like to ask people to be aware of how much water they are using and adopt simple measures to lower water use,'' Christison said.

''Overall people have been really sensible about their water use this summer. We just need to be mindful that we have not fully restored the pre-earthquake water supply infrastructure and we need to think about the amount of water we use on our gardens and lawns."

Last year Christchurch had water shortages and restrictions because of damaged water pipes. 

So far the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team has replaced 20 kilometres of freshwater piping, enough to stretch from Cathedral Square to Kaiapoi.

Three new water reservoirs have been built in Huntsbury Hill and Victoria Park, while New Brighton's new fresh water station in Rawhiti Domain is now pumping water to residents from three new wells.  

Water saving tips are available on the Christchurch City Council website:


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