Farms recycle plastic

17:57, Feb 03 2013

Thousands of kilograms of plastic containers from farms have been turned into underground cable cover in a bid to increase sustainability.

Agrecovery's container programme recycles triple-rinsed containers of under 60 litres from any of 59 supporting brand owners.

Agrecovery sales and marketing manager Duncan Scotland said the plastic from South Island farms was shredded and delivered to Astron Plastics in Christchurch, where it was recycled into new products, mainly underground cable cover.

Last year, enough containers were collected from Canterbury to make sufficient cable cover to run from Christchurch to Temuka, and nationally there was enough to stretch from Picton to Palmerston.

In the last six months of 2012, Canterbury farmers recycled more than 18,000kg of container plastic, equivalent to about 15,000 20-litre containers.

Scotland said the programme, which started in 2007, was growing by about 30 per cent a year.


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