Seven Sharp news show too 'fluffy'

OPENING NIGHT: Seven Sharp co-hosts Greg Boyed and Ali Mau.
OPENING NIGHT: Seven Sharp co-hosts Greg Boyed and Ali Mau.

The debut of TVNZ's new current affairs programme has been slammed as ''fluffy'' and ''asinine'' by a Canterbury University media expert.

Seven Sharp made its much-anticipated debut last night as Close Up's replacement, receiving a negative response from many Twitter users.

Canterbury University senior journalism lecturer and former Press journalist Tara Ross was also critical of the show, saying it ''lacked journalistic drive''.

''Where was the passion to tell a good story or get viewers thinking? Good current affairs stories should pose a question; Seven Sharp's stories didn't do that.''

Ross said some of the stories had been ''asinine'', including a ''fluffy tour of Parliament'' and a music gig promotion, while the show had failed to cover that day's resignation of Solid Energy chief executive Don Elder and what it could mean for the state-owned enterprise.

''I don't want to see John Key's office kitchen. I want to see public watchdog journalism,'' she said.

While the producers were right to attempt to connect with their audience via social media, Ross said they needed to ''rise above the superficiality of Facebook polls'' to keep viewers' attention.

''We were invited to tweet and we were invited to vote, but what were we invited to think about?''

The show would need to beef up its reporting and provide more ''in-depth journalism'' if it was to succeed, she said.

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