Assessments continue on Christchurch's earthquake-damaged Lancaster Park

Christchurch's earthquake-damaged Lancaster Park in February.

Christchurch's earthquake-damaged Lancaster Park in February.

A decision on Lancaster Park's future is still months away as the full extent of its earthquake damage continues to be assessed.

The Christchurch City Council has spent much of this year completing detailed assessments of the stadium's structures and land to allow it to make an informed decision on the park's future.

Council city services general manager David Adamson said staff hoped to be able to pull a lot of information together on the park over the next few months.

"Significant work is currently being undertaken to investigate the extent of damage to Lancaster Park."

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The stadium, insured for $143 million, was the subject of much wrangling between the council and its insurers. The insurer believed the stadium could be restored for less than $50m and claimed to have three loss adjustment firms on its side. The council argued it was damaged beyond repair. 

In December, the council announced it had reached a $635m global settlement with its insurers and in February it banked the money, opening the way for it to make a call on Lancaster Park's future. The payment settled more than 1600 individual claims lodged by the council. The Lancaster Park claim was one of the biggest.

Adamson said in March that the engineering advice already received had concentrated on insurance matters and needed expanding before it could be used to inform the council on the stadium's future.

This week, he said assessments containing enough detail for the council to have a degree of confidence were still some months away.

"This information needs to be then fed into a larger picture of what the city needs, what it can afford and how any development would work alongside other facilities."

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