Fulltime bicycle-borrowing service hope

17:50, Feb 06 2013
Borrow a Bike
WHEELS FOR MOTION: Rosalee Jenkin waits for potential cyclists to borrow a bike from her stand at the Re:Start container mall.

The organiser of a service offering free wheels to Christchurch residents and visitors hopes it can be made permanent.

The Borrow a Bike scheme, for those who want free use of a bicycle for up to a day, made its debut at the Re:Start container mall yesterday.

People who want to use the service need to provide their phone number, a form of ID and "something of value" to ensure they will return the bike.

Canterbury University fine arts graduate Rosalee Jenkin first trialled the scheme at the university in 2011 as part of an interactive art project.

"I'm a quite keen cyclist myself, and I'm into sustainable transport so I thought this could encourage people to get on a bike instead of travelling by car," she said.

After the university scheme was successful, she decided to try it out on a larger scale and had managed to borrow bicycles from friends, family and supportive strangers to make it a reality.


Jenkin said the short-term project had been well received, with several people borrowing the bikes on the first day.

"A lot of people stand back and think, 'What on earth is this?', but most people who come over and chat about it are really positive."

She hoped someone could turn the scheme into a long-term project and was willing to help people set up similar services.

The bikes are available for rental between 9am and 5.30pm from today until Saturday, from the Bridge of Remembrance end of Cashel St.

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