Dog-attack owner may be charged

The owner of two dogs who attacked a woman in South New Brighton Park last month may be charged.

Kyla Strahl, 27, was walking her labrador, Rudy, near her mother's home when she was attacked by the neighbour's dogs.

The dogs bit Rudy before turning on Strahl. She received wounds to her leg and hand and one of her arms was bitten to the bone.

Strahl spent five days in hospital following the attack and her heavily-pregnant sister was also taken to hospital, after she was knocked to the ground by the dogs.

Rudy had to be treated at the vet for bite wounds.

A city council spokeswoman told The Press the council had recommended prosecution against the dog owner for "attack on a person".

"The file has been sent to the council's legal services team for review prior to the laying of any charges," she said.

A judge will determine the outcome of one of the dogs, a female staffordshire terrier cross.

Legislation says the dog should be destroyed unless the judge is satisfied the offence was "exceptional" and destruction is not needed.

The other dog, a staffordshire terrier, will be classified as dangerous.

The Press