Digital TV deadline looms for South Islanders

Going Digital National Manager Greg Harford
Going Digital National Manager Greg Harford

Time is fast running out for South Islanders to make sure their televisions are ready for the digital switchover.

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After 28 April everyone who wants to watch TV will need to have Freeview, SKY, Igloo or TelstraClear cable TV.

Nearly nine out of 10 households across the South Island have gone digital and will be able to continue watching TV after 28 April. However over 10 per cent of households have not gone digital and will only be able to watch TV for another 100 days unless they take action.

"Television viewing is one of the leading leisure activities in New Zealand and over the next 100 days we will be doing everything we can to make sure everyone in the South Island who wants to keep watching TV knows what they need to do," said Harford.

You don't need a new TV to go digital but everyone will need a TV with Freeview built-in or the right set-top box together with a UHF aerial or satellite dish. "The services available differ depending on where you live so it pays to check," said Harford.

I'm recommending people take action now to go digital. When Hawke's Bay went digital last year there were people who waited until the last minute and then had to go without TV for a time because installers were fully booked," said Harford.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that every TV needs to go digital if it is to continue receiving pictures as do DVD and video recorders.

More information on the move to digital TV can be found on or call 0800 838 800.

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