Youth stole chocolate from classroom

22:15, Feb 06 2013

A Parklands youth who broke into Queenspark School and emptied a fire extinguisher in a classroom has admitted eight charges.

Benjamin Farrell, 17, will be sentenced in May for two charges of burglary, two of trespass, possession of tools to take cars, receiving stolen property, theft and assault.

Police do not yet have a reparation figure to cover the damage.

Police say Farrell was with four associates when he broke into a caretaker's shed at the school in January and took keys which he used to unlock a classroom.

He returned later with the associates and ransacked the classroom looking for items to steal. He took four chocolate bars and removed a fire extinguisher which he emptied around the classroom.

In December, he was at a hut in Bottle Lake Forest where he had an argument with a woman he was with. He pulled an airgun out of his trousers and struck the woman on the head with it, causing a minor injury.


Police searched his property and found stolen items including a driver's licence and bank cards. Farrell said he had found or been given the items.

Farrell had already been trespassed from the school and the forest so he faced the trespass charges today.

Judge Callander signalled that a sentence of supervision and community work was likely and remanded him for sentence on May 1 without ordering a report on his suitability for home detention.

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