Chch stuck with phone-book fine print

South Cantabrians have won the battle to keep the text in their phone book that little bit bigger, but Christchurch residents may not want to put away their magnifying glasses just yet.

A lack of complaints from Garden City residents means the city's 2013 directories will be published with the same smaller text size as last year's edition.

The 2012 Yellow Pages Group's directories were 10 per cent smaller than those in previous years, leading to complaints.

Users and advertisers said the version's smaller font was hard to read and that ads should have been cheaper.

Yellow Pages Group has announced the font in the country's regional directories will be returned to the former size.

The size of the books will remain the same as last year.

A spokeswoman told The Press last night that a lack of negative feedback in Christchurch meant the city's edition would be published with the smaller text size.

She said the company received more complaints from smaller communities than bigger centres.

Timaru and Oamaru escaped the type-size changes because of residents' feedback and the fact it was the last book to be produced in the annual cycle.

The district's latest directory was rolled out in November. It was 10 per cent smaller and had the typical font.

Age Concern Canterbury chief executive Stephen Phillips, who raised concerns last year, said he was disappointed that Christchurch's book would retain the small type.

"It's a bit of a shame because it certainly was raised [by Christchurch residents]."

He said companies needed to be more considerate of the elderly, with one in four New Zealanders expected to be over 65 soon.

Bevan Shackhell was happy to avoid the change to the South Canterbury editions.

"I think the concept we have here is fine," he said. 

The Press