Specialist team removes theatre's asbestos

16:00, Feb 08 2013

Asbestos has been found in the Isaac Theatre Royal in central Christchurch.

White asbestos was found in fibre cement sheets in an old projection room in the foyer of the theatre late last week, and the area has been cordoned off.

Theatre chief executive Neil Cox said the asbestos was found before it had been disturbed, and restoration of the theatre would be delayed only by "a couple of days".

The theatre is being restored and is scheduled to reopen in the second quarter of next year.

Ward Demolition specialists will remove the small amount of asbestos this week.

The historic facade of the theatre is being preserved, but the foyer behind will be deconstructed, then rebuilt. The 1928 marble staircase in the foyer will be preserved and encased.

Cox said deconstruction would continue next week.

Asbestos has been found in many buildings being demolished in Christchurch, including the former Government Life building and BNZ House in Cathedral Square.


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