Restoration begins on window

The large stained glass window in the Great Hall of the Christchurch Arts Centre has been safely removed and will be restored by a North Canterbury expert over the next year.

The window was largely undamaged in the Canterbury earthquakes, but lead frames need to be replaced, the glass needs cleaning and some panes have been damaged.

Stained glass restorer Graham Stewart said the window held up well in the quakes.

"It is huge. The window has held up very well. There is only minor damage to the glass," he says.

"There are small cracks, but it is not catastrophic like some windows I have worked on."

Stewart has worked on hundreds of stained glass windows since the earthquakes in Canterbury, including some from Christ Church Cathedral and many of the smaller churches across the city.

"You name a church and we have been there," he says.

"We have removed hundreds and hundreds of stained glass windows."

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