Wife accused of Edgeware Rd murder

05:00, Feb 11 2013
 A woman faces murder charges after a death in this Edgeware Rd, Christchurch, house.
CRIME SCENE: A woman faces murder charges after a death in this Edgeware Rd, Christchurch, house.

A woman accused of murdering her husband at their Christchurch home has been remanded in custody for two weeks.

Lucille Sarah Scollay, 44, was arrested at the Edgeware Rd property where Guy Christian Scollay, 48, was found dead about 3am yesterday.

Defence counsel Pip Hall made no application for bail at her one-minute appearance before Judge Gary MacAskill in the Christchurch District Court this morning.

She is due to reappear on February 25.

About 12 people were in the public gallery to see her appearance, and she exchanged waves with some of them.

They were visibly upset before she walked into the dock. Some cried and some offered support by placing a hand on a shoulder.


The families of Lucille and Guy Scollay declined to comment when approached by The Press but released a statement this afternoon through the police.

"We are dealing with the tragic loss of Guy, and both families are united in supporting Lucille and Louis. The families would appreciate privacy in dealing with their grief," it said.

An autopsy on Scollay was completed this afternoon.

The forensic crime scene examination was expected to be completed this afternoon, police said.


A neighbour who witnessed the woman's arrest said the woman "broke down" when a police officer told her Scollay had died.

The man, who did not want to be named, said the woman was "very distraught".

"I went inside. I didn't want to be involved," he said.

Another neighbour, Adam Carville, said he went to bed about 2am and was half-asleep when he heard what he thought was girls arguing at a party next door.

He said he tried to "block it out" until he heard a woman's "high-pitched screaming".

The only words he could make out were "call an ambulance".

Then everything went silent.

Carville said he contemplated getting up, but decided not to after it stayed quiet.

It was not until he left home about 9am and found eight police cars parked on the street and police tape around a neighbour's house that he realised something serious had happened.

Detective Inspector Virginia Le Bas said police were called by someone at the house, but the caller was not the accused.

A 19-year-old man lived at the house and was there at the time.

No-one else was injured, she said.

Le Bas said that to her knowledge, police had never been called to the address before.

Scollay was unemployed. The Press understands he was previously a musician, playing guitar, bass or vocals for a Christchurch band called Gas.

Le Bas said the man's family were "gutted".

"It obviously came as quite a surprise to them. We have been working through that with them [and] notifying the wider family group," she said.

A scene examination was expected to take a couple of days.

Le Bas said police investigations yesterday centred on what had happened leading up to the man's death.

She would not comment on how Scollay had died. An autopsy was likely to be completed today.

Neighbour Angela Lumsden said she was woken by a man and woman talking about 2.30am, but did not think anything of it.

A friend who had stayed overnight woke her up about 7.30am after seeing "lots of police outside".

"It's scary that I was right here and didn't really hear anything," Lumsden said.

The neighbour who witnessed the arrest said the death was "quite a shock".

He had lived in the area for five years, and it was "a good, happy street".

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