Progress is being made - Roger Sutton

Roger Sutton admits infighting between the Earthquake Commission and insurers has driven him "a bit crazy".

Sutton, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) chief executive, chatted online to Press readers today.

Asked by a reader about assessment delays, Sutton said "the fighting that has gone on between EQC and insurers" had "driven me a bit crazy too".

However, he thought the issues were "vastly improved on what they were".

"I'm getting many fewer letters from people complaining about this issue. Many joint assessments have been completed and resolved," he said.

"I spoke at a Rotary meeting this morning and asked how many had ongoing insurance issues, and no-one put their hand up and many indicated they had previous issues,'' he said.

''But it doesn't mean there aren't many people who feel they are still in limbo."

Sutton said residents had to "stand back" to see the progress that had been made since the February 2011 quake.

"We've got a gutsy blueprint which people are now designing around. We are seeing new commercial building going ahead and it's significantly higher than before the quake," he said.

"While we all want it to be quicker, and people are judging if it's fast enough, we all want a city [where] in five, 10 or 20 years' time people are proud of what we've got and we have a city that is a genuinely better place to live than prior to the quakes."

Sutton said Cera were thinking about establishing a walkway in the central city as the cordon shrunk.

"We are keen to get a walkway between [the City Mall] and New Regent St, because that will soon reopen," he said.

"We are keen to make it work, but haven't worked out the details."

Sutton said Cera wanted to get the Port Hills zoning review, which was to have been completed by last December, completed by the end of this month.

Read all our readers' question and Sutton's answers from his hour-long session below:

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