Skateboarder pays for graffiti damage

23:31, Feb 11 2013

A judge was unimpressed that while an 18-year-old was on bail seeking a discharge without conviction for his graffiti, he was found with cans of paint.

But he was impressed that the reparation for scratching graffiti into 33 windows on 14 buses had been paid.

The damage figure was put at $2145 at an earlier court session.

Jack Dargan, of Corsair Bay, had apologised to the bus company, and told the court he regretted his actions, and had no malicious intent.

In Christchurch District Court held at Nga Hau e Wha marae today, Judge Alistair Garland said it was rare that first time offending got paid for.

Defence counsel Tony Garrett said Dargan was a professional skateboarder, and was a national champion. He asked that Dargan not be convicted as he was very young and may need to travel overseas for his sport.


Judge Garland asked Garrett to get more information on whether Dargan was likely to travel for his sport, and if a conviction for graffiti would mean he could not travel overseas.

In December, Dargan admitted damaging the buses with his graffiti, and while on bail seeking the discharge without conviction, he was arrested for possession of graffiti implements - the spray cans.

Judge Garland remanded him to February 26.

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