Charges against killed fisherman dropped

23:07, Feb 13 2013

Fisheries charges against a Korean man killed in a road accident in China have now been dropped by the Ministry of Primary Industries.

The charges were dropped at a hearing of evidence before Judge Brian Callaghan, ahead of the trial of the 39-year-old captain of the fishing trawler Oyang 77, Dae Jun Lee.

The vessel's factory manager, Soon Ill Hwang, 42, was also facing charges but the ministry was told last year that he had been killed in a motor accident.

The ministry asked Interpol to verify his death and received that confirmation.

It wanted to proceed with the prosecution on the basis that Hwang may have known about the prosecution before his death. It may have been able to proceed with his father - his personal representative under Korean law - standing in.

If fisheries breaches are found proved, the vessel involved may be forfeit to the Crown. In this case the trawler was owned by the Korean-based Sajo Corporation and was being chartered by Southern Storm Fishing (2007) at the time.


During the taking of evidence, the ministry said it could not be shown that Hwang had personal knowledge of the prosecutions before his death and applied to withdraw the charges.

Judge Callaghan allowed the withdrawal of the charges alleging dumping of fish at sea.

The case is proceeding to a hearing against Lee, on nine charges: failing to report the incidental catch of two basking sharks, failing to report the catching of squid, dumping squid, hoki, barracouta, and ling at sea, and making false fisheries returns relating to hoki, hake, and silver warehou. He denies all charges.

Evidence has been given and recorded from some of the vessel's Indonesian crewmen who will leave New Zealand before the trial takes place.

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