Glider pilot stable after crash

03:24, Feb 14 2013
Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter
ON THE SCENE: St John Intensive Care Paramedics attend to the injured glider pilot near St Arnaud before flying the patient to Nelson Hospital.

A Christchurch man who survived a glider crash is in a stable condition in Nelson Hospital. 

Scott Ostermann, 47, was airlifted by the Nelson-Marlborough rescue helicopter at 2pm yesterday from the Lake Station airfield at St Arnaud, 90 kilometres southwest of Nelson.

His partner, Andrea Ebert, said he was taking off, not landing as previously reported, when the crash happened. 

His glider was being towed by a plane and just as the cable was released a big gust of wind came through. 

''He basically had to do some swift moves or he would have crashed into a barbed wire fence, which would have been a lot worse,'' she said. 

She said the glider went on its side before flipping around on the paddock. Ebert got the call about the crash about 3pm.


''I was told it was a very hard landing.''

Ostermann was at a week-long youth gliding camp in Nelson. He had suffered broken vertebrae, broken ribs and bruised lungs, she said. 

She was able to speak with him on the phone yesterday and said he was "groggy" but was feeling better today. 

"It's a lot more positive news today. It is a relief," she said. 

She was unsure when he would be able to return to Christchurch. 

Helicopter pilot Jarrod Colbourne said Ostermann was conscious after the accident and a doctor was already on the scene when the rescue helicopter crew arrived.

The glider's windscreen was smashed, Colbourne said, and the pilot was "in a lot of pain".

A Nelson Hospital spokeswoman said Ostermann was out of intensive care and was in a stable condition in a ward.

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