Stitched icon wins top prize

17:55, Feb 14 2013
Myrtle Barron
WORTH THE WORK: Myrtle Barron, 89, with her award-winning cross-stitch of the Christ Church Cathedral.

An 89-year-old Christchurch woman who suffered horrific burns to her hands as a child has completed an award-winning cross-stitch of Christ Church Cathedral.

When Myrtle Barron was learning to walk, she waddled over to the family's coal range and placed her hands on top of it. Her hands were severely burnt.

"My mother had to peel my hands off the range with a fish skillet. They were stuck to it," she said.

"My fingers have never been the same. They're crooked."

Barron has never let the burns hold her back, working as a dressmaker for most of her life.

She spent 10 weeks completing a cross-stitch of the cathedral.


"It was a kitset that my daughter-in-law brought back for me. It gives you a graph and you follow the pattern," she said.

"I would have been a bit quicker getting it done but I got the flu."

She entered her work in a New Zealand Federation of Women's Institutes competition and was best overall in the handwork competition.

"It's the only silver cup I've ever won. I was very pleased with the result."

Barron has lived in Christchurch for 10 years and said completing the cross-stitch was her way of "rebuilding" the cathedral.

"It's a nice tribute to the cathedral now that it's all in ruins."

She is now completing a second cross-stitch of the cathedral.

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