Former Christchurch MP back in Parliament

20:11, Feb 15 2013
Aaron Gilmore
AARON GILMORE: Is back in Parliament after the retirement from national politics of Lockwood Smith.

Aaron Gilmore - in his own words "96kg of fit hot Kiwi beef"' - is on his way back to Parliament.

The National list MP has been called up after the retirement of former Speaker Lockwood Smith and will be sworn in on Tuesday.

Mr Gilmore scraped into Parliament, aged 35, as a list MP in 2008. But special votes gave the Greens an extra seat in 2011, at his expense.

Those mourning his exit from public life didn't have to worry. Without the control of National's rigid social media policies, he began a long - and often entertaining - stream of consciousness on his Twitter feed. His 570 followers were regularly updated on his romantic overtures.

On August 8, he wrote: "I'm up in northland doubtless bay kayaking with the amazing Louise apparently I'm 96 kg of fit hot kiwi beef." Four days later came: "Watching metallica DVD I so want to kiss Louise and play my guitar."

Mr Gilmore has filled his 15-month "sabbatical" (his words) as managing director of Mighty Rocket, a business consultancy in Wellington.

Mr Gilmore is known for rubbing some of his colleagues up the wrong way. Two years ago he had to explain some "anomalies" in his CV.


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