Police to keep Tasers in cars again

Tasers being carried on the hips of frontline Canterbury cops should return to their normal location - a locked safe in their vehicles - within a week.

The region's frontline police have been allowed to carry the stun guns on their belt since last November, while the vehicle cabin safes they are normally kept in are repaired.

Other police across the country have had to keep their Tasers in a different safe in the boot of their car.

Canterbury district commander Superintendent Gary Knowles said he had allowed staff to carry their Tasers on them so they could ''deploy appropriate tactical options'' and remain safe while the safes were out of action.

Knowles said only frontline response staff were allowed to wear the Tasers, with ''a very limited number of staff'' carrying them at any time.

The Tasers would return to their normal place once the remedial work on the vehicle safes was completed, expected to be within the next week.

The Press