'Turkish hackers' breach lab sites

17:54, Feb 20 2013

Three New Zealand lab services "got off lightly" when so-called "Turkish hackers" breached their websites, a cybercrime expert says.

Canterbury Southern Community Laboratories, Southern Community Labs and Labtests discovered yesterday morning their websites had been hacked.

Labtests general manager Don Mikkelsen told The Press their home page was replaced with a black screen, Turkish writing and a message in English saying "we are Turkish hackers".

Mikkelsen said he was relieved that an independent security review found no patient information was accessed.

"We're also conducting a full investigation and taking advice from security consultants on the ways we can further protect our website for the future."

He was considering reporting the breach to police.


CSCL Group chief executive Dr Peter Gootjes told New Zealand Doctor as far as his information technology team could tell no attempts had been made to access private or sensitive information.

The "vulnerability" of all the websites had been resolved and the homepages were back to normal yesterday.

A defacer, going by the name Kaan Reis, claimed responsibility for the attacks and 1200 others around the world on a website called Zone-h, New Zealand Doctor reported.

NetSafe chief executive Martin Cocker said on the scale of hacking offences it was at the "low end".

"Hacking a website to put up a replacement page is fairly innocuous but annoying. In this case it's essentially graffiti. It's an attempt to gain some notoriety from hacking websites and putting a name up instead," he said.

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