City loses another paddling pool

Persistent vandalism has forced the early closure of a paddling pool for Christchurch tots.

The Woodham Park paddling pool, in Linwood, has been closed today by the Christchurch City Council.

The pool has been repeatedly vandalised since reopening for summer last year, causing it to lose significant amounts of water and compromising its structure.

Council recreation and sports manager John Filsell said it was disappointing that the pool had to be closed now, instead of at Easter as originally planned.

A lot of effort had gone into repairing Woodham Park paddling pool and other much-loved pools around the city.

"It is frustrating that the thoughtless actions of a few people have meant our children miss out on swimming and having fun."

Filsell said repairs to the pool would take at least a month to complete, meaning it would not be able to open again until next summer.

The Scarborough paddling pool remains closed, as do the popular Waltham Lido and Lyttelton Norman Kirk Memorial pools.

Other council paddling pools at Spencer Park, Edgar MacIntosh, New Brighton, Abberley Park and the Botanic Gardens are still open.

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