Cairn to stay . . . for now

18:01, Feb 21 2013
Stone cairn
STAYING PUT: A stone cairn erected in Cathedral Square in 2010 will be allowed to remain where it is.

A stone cairn erected in Cathedral Square during a public protest three years ago has been given a stay of execution.

The Christchurch City Council had considered moving the cairn, but an impassioned plea from those responsible for its creation has forced a rethink.

The cairn was built in 2010 when about 4000 people gathered in Cathedral Square to protest against the sacking of Environment Canterbury councillors and the appointment of commissioners in their place. The protesters brought stones from rivers around Canterbury to create the marker.

One of those behind the protest, Rosalie Snoyink, appealed to city councillors yesterday to allow the cairn to stay where it was.

It was an important symbol of people's desire to see democracy restored in Canterbury, she said.

"It's importance has not diminished over time; in fact it's gotten stronger given the Environment Canterbury Act has been extended for three years," Snoyink said.

"It is the wish of the people who laid those stones that they remain in place until democracy . . . is restored to us," she said.

Mayor Bob Parker has instructed staff not to move the cairn without first bringing a report to the council. Staff are working around the monument.


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