Would you buy it if Crusaders can?

16:00, Feb 22 2013

Would you buy Crusaders beer?

It's a question the Super 15 team are asking their fans but they insist the question is purely hypothetical.

Supporters on the team's official Facebook page at facebook.com/crusadersrugby have been asked to complete a survey about "rugby and beer".

The survey, conducted by Research First, includes questions about people's rugby-watching habits and beer preference, before one of the final questions gets to the heart of the matter.

"Imagine if there was a new beer under the Crusaders' own label . . ."

The survey then asks a range of questions about how likely people would be to try the beer, as well as whether they would buy it regularly.


A Crusaders spokeswoman said the survey was about assessing the loyalty of fans and did not mean that it was planning to release its own alcoholic beverage.

"That's not necessarily something we're looking to do, it's more a piece around the strength of our brand."

The spokeswoman said the survey's results would be used by the union and also provided to its sponsors and other commercial partners.

"It gives us something different, where we can show how passionate fans are about the team."

Alcohol Healthwatch director Rebecca Williams said "any suggestion [of a team-branded beer], whether imaginary or not, is really unhealthy".

Significant evidence existed suggesting that alcohol sponsorship led to alcohol-related harm, and the link between sports teams and their young fans also made sponsorship problematic, she said.

Well-known beer brand Tui, owned by DB Breweries, sponsors the franchise.

Tui marketing manager William Papesch said: "Tui is always interested in finding out more about what fans think of their experiences and occasions around rugby.

"It will be interesting to see what insights come from the research."

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