Online fraudster admits charges

01:10, Feb 26 2013

A man continued selling fictitious items through online trading websites even after admitting his deception to police.

Aaron John Tily, 21, told the police he was selling nonexistent merchandise to supplement his benefit income.

Tily admitted four charges of computer crime, and six charges of obtaining money by deception.

Police said in the Christchurch District Court today that from November 16 to December 3 Tily listed items on different selling and trading sites priced at a total of $1057. He then went to the police and told them about his fraud.

While the police were investigating his offences, he listed more items in December and January and got cheated his victims of another $1190.

Tily told police it was an easy way to make money as he did not get much on his benefit.


Defence counsel Bridget Ayrey said Tily had a mental health history.

Judge David Saunders asked for a report for an electronically monitored sentence, and said Tily was to have no access to computers during the remand.

He remanded Tily to May 24 for sentencing, and told him to start saving money for the $2247 reparation payment he will have to make.

The judge told Tily that he could not use dishonest means to supplement his benefit.

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