New Brighton water park vision excites

Christchurch City councillors have given a boost to community-driven plans to get a multi-million dollar water park in New Brighton by voting to get a staff report on how a water park could be integrated into the New Brighton Master Plan.

The move comes as the council prepares to accept a petition from more than 20,000 people calling for a water park with hot spas, wave pools and hydro-slides to be incorporated into the rebuild plans for the seaside suburb.

Mayor Bob Parker said the council could not ignore the "extraordinary outpouring" of support for the project.

"We are missing a huge opportunity if we don't seriously embrace this idea and see what we can do," Parker said.

"For New Brighton to really have a strong future it needs to go back and recapture some of the glories of the past where it was a clear destination in Christchurch.

"Let's not lose the excitement and momentum around this."

The Press