Man jailed for assaulting mother, partner

04:11, Feb 27 2013

A man who assaulted his mother and his partner, and threw a dog against the wall, was today sent to prison for 22 months and refused home detention.

Michael Raymond Armstrong, a 30-year-old plasterer, was sentenced on two charges of assault on women, four charges of wilful damage, assault, ill-treatment of an animal, and assault with intent to injure.

In Christchurch District Court, defence counsel David Bunce said Armstrong had a drug problem which was the background to his offending.

Armstrong's pre-sentence report recommended prison with special release conditions designed to address his drug issues.

Judge Brian Callaghan said on August 20 and September 27 Armstrong assaulted his mother, and while on bail for that on October 27 he assaulted his partner and attempted to throttle her, threw a dog against a wall, and damaged property.

Judge Callaghan said he was surprised Armstrong got bail again, and in December he assaulted his mother again and damaged her property.


He said Armstrong had a huge addiction problem with a harmful use of methamphetamine.

He sentenced Armstrong to 22 months' prison and said home detention was not an appropriate response for his offending as it would not be safe for the community, or for those close to him.

He said Armstrong's prison release conditions included him attending and completing recommended alcohol and drug use programmes.

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