Well from the 1860s discovered in Lyttelton

04:28, Apr 10 2013
Lyttelton well
DEEP THOUGHTS: Homeowner John Bickley on the lip of the newly-discovered Lyttelton well with archaeologist Kirsa Webb.

A 30-metre-deep well dating back to the 1860s has been uncovered in excavations at a Lyttelton house.

The well appeared to have supplied an orphanage in early Lyttelton, archaeologist Kirsa Webb told The Press.

The well's brickwork goes down for 7 metres and the remainder is solid clay.

It is situated at the site of a former hospital and orphanage, which burned down in 1904.

Owner Gael Abraham said the well was then capped and covered with concrete.

"My first reaction [when the well was discovered] was: oh, no."


However, she now believes it's exciting.

She would like to either cover it with glass and use it as a feature in her new house or pump water from the well into the house.

Her husband, John Bickley, also thought the well was amazing.

He had tasted the water from the well; it was cloudy but drinkable.

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