Elderly St Martins couple attacked

06:26, Mar 01 2013

A man who attacked an elderly couple breaking her arm and leaving him "totally covered in blood" may have been a relative, say police.

A man, aged 72, and a woman, aged 80, were attacked at their home in St Martins Rd about 1pm. Both were taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Police said they believed the person responsible for the attack was a male relative of one of the victims. He had fled the scene by the time police arrived.

A weapon was also believed to have been used in the attack.

Neighbour Rebecca Wilson said she found her neighbour, who she knew only as June, "dangling" over the 3m fence that separated their properties, crying out for help.

June's knuckles were broken and she had cuts across her face. "I jumped over the fence to help her and called the police."


Wilson sat with June until the police arrived. "[June] didn't know who attacked her, but she was just in shock and in a lot of pain."

They did not know where June's husband was or if the attacker was still in the house. Her husband later emerged "totally covered in blood".

Both were taken to hospital.

Wilson said there had been a dispute recently, but otherwise the couple were quiet neighbours who kept to themselves.

"Their son used to live out the back. There was a dispute about a month ago, some yelling and screaming one night and shortly after he had moved out."

The couple had lived next door to Wilson for over 30 years, and her parents had known them before she moved in, Wilson said.

They were a "lovely old couple" who had helped them through the earthquakes.

Sergeant Gary Hancock confirmed police were called to the house shortly after 1pm where they found the retired couple, both injured.

Police had not had a chance to talk to the couple and were appealing for witnesses.

A spokesperson for St John confirmed the two elderly patients were taken to Christchurch Hospital with serious injuries, the woman with a broken arm and the man with head injuries.

Any information to police on ph 03 363 7400.

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