Sharing a dram of 100 year old history

18:36, Mar 02 2013
of whisky made by Whyte and Mackay who have launched a second edition of its world famous ‘Shackleton’s Whisky’, the replica of the century old whisky found under Sir Ernest Shackleton’s hut in the Antarctic.
Director of Whisky Galore! Michael Fraser Milne shares a dram with punters

Whisky lovers in Christchurch enjoyed a drink with Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton yesterday.

A tasting of a replica of the explorer's whisky was hosted at Whisky Galore in the central city. The room was filled with people eager to partake in a piece of history.

Whisky Galore director Michael Fraser Milne, who has nosed the original whisky that was found under Sir Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic hut, said the replica, called The Journey, was an old fashioned whisky which was quite coarse in character. ''It's got a lot of smoke, a bit of sea breeze. It has this fruity characteristic in it, and there's also a bit of bergamont, which you find in Earl Grey Tea.''

The whisky was replicated by Richard Paterson, master blender at Whyte and Mackay distillery in Glasgow, Scotland.

This is the second replica of Shackleton's whisky. Following the huge success of its original recreation, this second edition called Mackinlay's 'The Journey', is expected to raise a further $1 million for the Antarctic Heritage Trust to conserve and maintain Shackleton's Antarctic legacy.

The whisky sells for $245 a bottle. However only 100,000 bottles will be released worldwide, and Milne said he had already sold about 75 bottles since Wednesday. 

''It's nice, very drinkable,'' said Christine Gibson of Leeston of the whisky. ''It's not too peaty and smoky.'' The history of the whisky made it special, even more so than the taste. 


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