Council wants to tap teens' thoughts on drinking

17:56, Mar 07 2013

Christchurch teens are being asked to share their views on booze as part of Christchurch City Council moves to tighten the rules on where and when alcohol can be sold.

The council is working to formulate a draft Local Alcohol Policy (LAP) for Christchurch and wants young people in the city to fill out an online survey.

It has already carried out an Alcohol in the Community Survey of 4200 voters, but now wants to find out what people under 18 think about alcohol.

Council strategic policy unit manager Alan Bywater said it was important to know what youth thought about alcohol use to help development of the LAP.

LAPs allow local authorities to impose conditions on where, when and how alcohol can be sold in their communities.

"We are contacting high schools and youth organisations and clubs to ask if they will host the survey on their online sites," Bywater said.


"We want to get as much relevant information as we can from as many young people as possible.

The LAP - a provision of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 - will be an important tool in trying to minimise alcohol-related harm in our community, especially amongst youths."

Survey responses would be anonymous and schools and groups that took part would be sent a short summary of the views gathered across the city once the results were collated.

Teens have until March 24 to take the online survey which can be found on the council's Facebook page or at and typing Local Alcohol Policy into the search engine.

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